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Friday January 10th - 1:20pm

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Thursday August 22nd - 11:52am

katsudooooon ASKED: Hmm. You're a RN but how come you choose to be a gm @@

Because I’m yet to see for myself if I really want to be a nurse. :) If I become a nurse and I’m not exactly passionate about it (like if I’m just waiting for my shift to end while I’m on duty), I may affect a patient’s life and I don’t want to risk that. 

Wednesday August 21st - 10:24pm

Special Effects Deep Purple hair dye review

***WARNING XD This post has a lot of  low-res selfies***

Hayo~! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and made a review~ Well I’m really bored today so I decided to make one~

Well, I’ve been dreaming of having dark purple hair since forever, so I finally decided to dye my hair with Special Effects semi-permanent hair dye in Deep Purple which I got from

The dye itself comes in a simple bottle. It kinda reminds me of ink haha. The dye is also thick and one bottle is enough for long hair like mine (below the bra strap). Oh and it says on the bottle that the dye lasts for 3-6 weeks (I’m yet to test that out though because I’ve only had this hair for about a week and I haven’t seen any signs of it fading) Well moving on~

This was my hair before…


My original hair color is black but I had it bleached to achieve a medium blonde color~ (By the way I needed to get a touch up on the roots and got them bleached to medium blonde as well~)

And this is how my hair looks like now~

✖ Outdoors under sunlight 



Indoors under room light (white) ✖



I don’t have a photo but under yellow room light, it looks black~ The photos above were also taken during the day.

✖ Indoors beside the window (no room light, only sunlight) ✖


Sometimes it looks dark blue in le photos but it’s actually really purple in person.It’s also very very noticeable and it doesn’t look black ( ̄ー ̄) 

So all in all..

What I like about it

COLOR: ★★★★★
Really noticeable and it has the perfect shade of purple for me. By the way, make sure to bleach your hair to achieve this color or else you’ll only get minimal purple tint on your hair (I think that will be noticeable only under sunlight though)~ I believe it also fades beautifully (but I’m yet to see that on my own)

I think this is one of the longest semi-permanent hair dyes out there. As compared to the regular Manic Panic, Special Effects has a longer duration of about 3-6 weeks. But again, I’ve only had it for a week so I’m yet to test this out. 

One bottle is enough for long hair! :)

What I kinda don’t like about it

PRICE: ★★★☆☆
It’s a little bit expensive. One bottle costs Php 1200. Other dyes like this cost around Php 800-P1000 but I think they have a shorter duration.

SMELL ★★★☆☆
Not so fond of it I don’t know why.. but it’s not so bad~


This is probably the most negative thing about having this dye. It bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. It bleeds when you take a shower (It looks like you’re making grape juice). It stains your clothes (So make sure not to wear your favorite shirt for a little while!). It stains your skin! (My ears, forehead,neck, and arms are all stained with purple color..I look like a blueberry right now o(╥﹏╥)o )


LOL no matter how much I scrub, it’s really difficult to remove o(╥﹏╥)o (By the way, the stain on the skin is only temporary. It will come out just scrub it everyday. The stain on my neck is very tough to remove though since it always gets stained :( ) Haha even so, I still love this hair dye and I loveee my hair~ So I’ll still give it a 4.75/5 rating :3

Well to end this post, I’ll just leave you with a few tips~

● If you want the purple color to be brighter, bleach your hair until it’s light blonde or almost white. I think the lighter your hair is, the more noticeable the color.
● Don’t wear your favorite shirts for a while and avoid wearing light colors. This dye seems to stain clothes permanently :( Use dark-colored towels,bed sheets and pillow cases as well haha.
●Avoid strenuous activities and avoid sweating as much as possible. Once you start sweating, you’ll definitely stain your skin w/ purple color.
●Shampoo less frequently, use only conditioner. Use products intended for colored hair (I use Herbal essences Color me Happy and Dove Shampoo and Conditioner for colored hair) (This tip I got from my friends heehee. I think the more you shampoo your hair the quicker it fades.)
●Get some hair treatment to avoid hair dryness :3 I don’t know how that will affect the color though since I didn’t get my hair treated hahaha XD

Well that’s all. Thanks!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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Saturday May 11th - 10:08pm

Soleil et La Lune

 Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I posted here in Tumblr.
And I’ve been posting mostly about other stuff and reblogging.

Anyway :) a lot has happened o.o; and I don’t really think it’s wise to share them all here :D So I’m just gonna share one of the new highlights in this chapter of my life XD (I’ll skip the being a Game Master for Special Force part LOL)

My close friend Erie and I decided to open a small online shop named Soleil et la Lune (Sun and the Moon) which basically sells clothes and accessories for ladies. The name of the shop was inspired by our opposite personalities. Erie would be the Moon (Lune)— representing darkness, gothic, elegant and edgy styles and I would be the Sun (Soleil)— representing light, cuteness (ermm sorry for the term), innocence and etc~ Basically since we’re opposites (in our personalities and preferences as well) we wanted to reflect that in our shop. :)

With that, we came up with this logo (mostly Erie did anyways heehee)~

© Nechi&Erie (Soleil et la Lune)
Lace brush on the middle is from :D

And with the help of our good friend, Jhe and his amazing photography skills, we were able to have a wonderful product shoot~ Here are some of our photos~ (I can’t reveal them all yet since we haven’t released the entire collection)

Photography: Jhe Photoglapiruu
Post-Processing: First two by me, last two by Jhe
HMUA and Models: Nechi and Erie

Oh, you can visit Jhe’s photography page here

Really love our shoot <3
If you would like to drop by our humble shop, do visit:

Thank you!
That would be all for now :)

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